Times Now accesses documents on raids at Gurunath's residence, which exposes that after all he was not just a sports enthusiast

Gurunath Meiyappan’s father in law N Srinivasan has been consistently maintaining that Gurunath was a cricket enthusiast and he was not a formidable force in the Chennai Super Kings as claimed by many. But proof has been mounting on the complicity of Gurunath in the entire betting syndicate.

Times Now has accessed the seizure report of Mumbai police when raids were conducted on 26th May (Sunday) in Gurunath Meiyappan’s residence at 11/3, Cenatoph Road, Alwarpet in Chennai. The articles seized from Gurunath’s residence is ample proof that Gurunath was much more than a mere cricket enthusiast.

The seizure report gives a vivid account of the dimensions of Guru’s 2 storied apartment and goes on to state that no incriminating evidence was found when searches were conducted in the ground floor lobby, 9 rooms and the underground gym area of the building. But when searches were conducted in Guru’s personal bedroom in the first floor, it turned out to be a mine house of evidences. Here are some of the articles that were found from his bedroom. The question that baffles us is what was a cricket enthusiast doing with all these articles stacked in his room?

1. One desk diary having plastic black coloured cover with logo Chennai Super Kings, which contained handwritten names of cricket players. The diary has been seized and the contents of it is being scrutinized now.
2. 2 sets of papers of "IPL auction list” both dated 24 December 2010, both these lists have 13 pages each.
3. 365 yellow coloured envelopes with logo of CSK
4. 1400 stickers printed with words Chennai Super Kings in different font sizes
5. 2000 stickers having photos of cricket players, some of the stickers say ‘raise your glass’, ‘Chennai Super Kings’, ‘Roar With Pride’
6. 2 transparent plastic boxes containing 190 VISITING CARDS which refers to Gurunath Meiyappan as the Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings
7. 17 yellow t shirts, 26 black shirts and 4 pink t shirts. Some of these t shirts had logos of CSK and India Cements.
8. In the parking lot, there were 5 cars - Landcruiser, Audi, Honda City, another Audi and Maruti Suzuki Omni van. In the Honda City, a booklet was recovered that had the picture of Dhoni and an inner page that said Indian Premier League guide. The contents of this book is also being scrutinized by the agency.

The Document also mentions that the Mumbai Police and the Tamilnadu CBCID team were denied access to the 3 secret lockers that were present in the room of Gurunath and his wife. The three persons who were present during the search operations on behalf of Gurunath Meiyappan refused to hand over the keys or disclose the passwords of these lockers and the investigating agencies had to return without being able to open the lockers. The secret lockers apart, the CSK bosses now need to answer why were these articles left to rot in Gurunath’s room if he was only a cricket enthusiast?

by Prema Sridevi


  1. Does it really matter what the Chennai Police or Mumbai Police have discovered? If such people are connected well enough, no amount of evidence can do them any harm.
    Media will find new stories, chase new subjects with time. When will justice really be done?! Till when will the average Indian Cricket fan be taken for a ride??!!
    Based on your experience in the world of journalism, what do you think will happen to this case? Will we ever get to the real truth and justice be done?


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