Tuesday, 21 May 2013

CBI Director and Railway Association on a collision course

Here's the video link to my story on the tiff between the CBI Director and the AIRPF Association



Just when the Railgate controversy has reached its peak with the resignation of the Railway Minister Pawan Bansal, a new controversy has now erupted. This between the CBI Director Ranjit Sinha and US Jha, the General Secretary of the All India RPF Association.

The CBI had earlier sent a note to the Railway Board asking the Board to take action against US Jha and the RPF Association for unauthorisedly occupying government bungalows. The Bungalows in question are 208 A 1 and 208 C3 in Panchkuian Road and Bungalow no 2 in State Entry Road, Delhi. While the AIRPF claims that these are the Bungalows that were allotted to it by the Railway Ministry, the CBI in a statement said "a retired officer holding post of the All India Secretary General RPF (who had retired in 2010) was allegedly personally occuppying two government acomodations and was also in possession of one more accomodation allotted to AIRPF Association. CBI Had also conveyed this irregularity which is also in violation of the Delhi High Court Orders, to the Railway Board for necessary action as per rules".

The controversy reached its peak when the AIRPF General Secretary US Jha came to the fore and alleged on Times Now that he was being a victim of a witch hunt by the CBI Director. Jha went on to say that the CBI started hounding him after Jha had raised allegations of corruption against Ranjit Sinha when he was the DG, RPF which had resulted in Sinha's removal from the coveted post. Then the mudslinging continued between the two with the CBI issuing statement saying allegations of vendetta by the CBI Director was completely misplaced, incorrect and baseless and Jha going on record saying that the person (read CBI Director) involved in railgate should not be investigating railgate.

While both the AIRPF association and the CBI lock horns with each other and while the mudslinging and allegations of corruption and vendetta continues, the question we are asking is should the government not set up an independent inquiry into the railgate investigations?

by Prema Sridevi

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