Friday, 31 May 2013

Super Bookie reveals his links to “Vikram”

Times Now accesses Super Bookie Uttam Chand Jain’s confessional statement. In a statement recorded before the TN CBCID team, Uttam Chand Jain also known as Kitty confesses to his links with many punters - one amongst them being “Vikram”. 

Kitty says “People who take bets are called as bookies and people who place bets are called punters. Ashwin, Vikram, Vijay, Manjunath, Sam, SG Rajan, SR Super, Kalra, Mahesh – are all my customers / punters”.

by Prema Sridevi 


Times Now accesses documents on raids at Gurunath's residence, which exposes that after all he was not just a sports enthusiast

Gurunath Meiyappan’s father in law N Srinivasan has been consistently maintaining that Gurunath was a cricket enthusiast and he was not a formidable force in the Chennai Super Kings as claimed by many. But proof has been mounting on the complicity of Gurunath in the entire betting syndicate.

Times Now has accessed the seizure report of Mumbai police when raids were conducted on 26th May (Sunday) in Gurunath Meiyappan’s residence at 11/3, Cenatoph Road, Alwarpet in Chennai. The articles seized from Gurunath’s residence is ample proof that Gurunath was much more than a mere cricket enthusiast.

The seizure report gives a vivid account of the dimensions of Guru’s 2 storied apartment and goes on to state that no incriminating evidence was found when searches were conducted in the ground floor lobby, 9 rooms and the underground gym area of the building. But when searches were conducted in Guru’s personal bedroom in the first floor, it turned out to be a mine house of evidences. Here are some of the articles that were found from his bedroom. The question that baffles us is what was a cricket enthusiast doing with all these articles stacked in his room?

1. One desk diary having plastic black coloured cover with logo Chennai Super Kings, which contained handwritten names of cricket players. The diary has been seized and the contents of it is being scrutinized now.
2. 2 sets of papers of "IPL auction list” both dated 24 December 2010, both these lists have 13 pages each.
3. 365 yellow coloured envelopes with logo of CSK
4. 1400 stickers printed with words Chennai Super Kings in different font sizes
5. 2000 stickers having photos of cricket players, some of the stickers say ‘raise your glass’, ‘Chennai Super Kings’, ‘Roar With Pride’
6. 2 transparent plastic boxes containing 190 VISITING CARDS which refers to Gurunath Meiyappan as the Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings
7. 17 yellow t shirts, 26 black shirts and 4 pink t shirts. Some of these t shirts had logos of CSK and India Cements.
8. In the parking lot, there were 5 cars - Landcruiser, Audi, Honda City, another Audi and Maruti Suzuki Omni van. In the Honda City, a booklet was recovered that had the picture of Dhoni and an inner page that said Indian Premier League guide. The contents of this book is also being scrutinized by the agency.

The Document also mentions that the Mumbai Police and the Tamilnadu CBCID team were denied access to the 3 secret lockers that were present in the room of Gurunath and his wife. The three persons who were present during the search operations on behalf of Gurunath Meiyappan refused to hand over the keys or disclose the passwords of these lockers and the investigating agencies had to return without being able to open the lockers. The secret lockers apart, the CSK bosses now need to answer why were these articles left to rot in Gurunath’s room if he was only a cricket enthusiast?

by Prema Sridevi

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


After the arrest of Vindoo Dara Singh and Gurunath Meiyappan in the IPL spot fixing and betting scam, startling facts are now emerging about the role of a Chennai based hotelier called Vikram Agarwal. Vikram Agarwal also code named as Victor is alleged to have been betting through Vindoo Dara Singh. It is a known fact that BCCI Chairman N Srinivasan’s son in law Gurunath Meiyappan had also done betting through Vindoo Dara Singh. What is baffling many is the triangular link that has now emerged between all the three men in question – Vindoo, Victor and Guru.

We are told that Gurunath Meiyappan was in regular touch with Vindoo Dara Singh and our Mumbai police sources have claimed that Vindhoo Dara Singh has revealed the name of Vikram Agarwal and that Vikram was in turn touch with Guru who was his long time friend. While the triangular nexus between Vindhoo, Victor and Guru holds the key to the lock of the betting syndicate here in Chennai, our sources have confirmed to us that Victor was into betting and had nagged huge remunerations from bookies to whom he rendered his services. All eyes are now on the elusive Vindoo ‘Victor’ Agarwal – who probably has the key that could unravel the triangular nexus in this betting syndicate.

by Prema Sridevi 


Here's one of the reports on Times Now on the story -

TIMES NOW on Monday (May 27) accessed two very crucial documents of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which talks about how the Centre had alerted the LWE affected States including Chattisgarh about a possible attack by naxals and the subsequent lackadaisical approach adopted by the States, which resulted in the Darbha Ghat-type attack.

The first Document, dated 27 may 2013 mentions that the Ministry of Home Affairs had repeatedly advised the LWE affected States to take adequate security measures during the TCOC period of the CPI Maoists where the political leaders are specifically targeted. Noticeably, this report says that the Maoists resorted to such attacks like what we saw in Darbah Ghat to recapture national media space to motivate their own cadres. While it is clear that the Centre has passed the buck onto the State of Chattisgarh, putting the onus on the State for not having put adequate counter offensive and defensive measures to curb naxal activism, Chattisgarh continues to maintain that fighting naxalism is a joint effort by both the State and the Centre and that the State cannot alone be held responsible for all calamities resulting from Maoist activism.

The second document dated 10 Jan 2013 mentions about the 9th Party Congress of the erstwhile CPI (ML-PW) in 2001 where they passed a resolution to conduct a TCOC i.e  the Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign. This practice - as per the Centre’s report – was continued by the unified CPI Maoists since 2007. The report goes on to say “the TCOC is normally conducted during the summer season and the preparations for this event and the final conclusion is during the months of February to June. The preparation includes mobilization of cadres and intensive training under simulated conditions. During such intensive training of large congregations of Maoist cadres, small teams are sent to different areas to divert attention of security forces. During the actual TCOC, the Maoists attack police stations, outposts, foot patrol, CAPF camps, jails where cadres are imprisoned , so called police informers and political targets”.

It is this letter and the subsequent routine yearly alerts sent out by the Intelligence Bureau, which the Centre is harping on. While the Centre says that there were alerts which States like Chattisgarh ignored, the question is what really happened to the Centre’s comprehensive policy on naxalism and its unified hostage policy? While both the Centre and the State squabble over the Darbah incident, the hard fact is that the LWE affected regions in the country still face problems of connectivity, infrastructure, poverty, unemployment and more than anything else gross neglect from the part of our government machinery both at the Centre and the State. While the Maoist terrorists needs to be dealt with using an iron hand, development alone can bring back the confidence of the people of these regions on the elected representatives of our system.

by Prema Sridevi 

Maoist Sympathisers under scanner

MHA sources have now told Times Now that the heat will be on the Maoist sympathisers now, this After the Darbah Ghat attack. The Centre is going to convene a meeting of Chief Minister’s of all naxal affected States on June 5th and in this meet, we are told, there is going to be a session that will address issues related to maoist sympathizers and how these overground sympathizers are providing tacit support to the underground maoist cadres. Intelligence agencies have told Times Now that the meetings of these Maoist sympathizers will be monitored and scrutinized and tough legal action will be taken against those who are caught assisting the underground cadres. 

by Prema Sridevi  

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A miracle - Barbara Garcia gets back her dog (CNN)

What a miracle. Barbara Garcia gets back her dog in tornado hit Oklahoma, moments after herprayers to god. All this caught live on tv...


The night of no sleep
Was like a tiger’s tail
Stirring with intent
Trembling with design
Beating the ground
With consummate recognitions.

Words, songs and laughter
Winked like ghost lights
From the glades
Of the magic mountain
Of love
Where the tiger
Lay dreaming.

Sometimes its eyes
Flashed from your eyes.
Its pouncing beauty
Surged through your hands
Sometimes I thought
I heard it breathing
Next to my heart
Scaring me
As if it was



I must, she said,
Into fresh clothes
Once I bathe my body. Or
The darkness will
Molest me. And
Smear me
With its secret juices.
So, give me
Your own as
A warranty, if
I must consider
Your prayer
To stay the night. Your
Will be my guarantee.

In my clothes
In the vanishing night’s
Alien light
You offered no
I was no lender.
I was hunter. Stalker.
Watching the enchantress
The cage
Of my disguised garments.
Waiting to capture
The flowing

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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CBI Director and Railway Association on a collision course

Here's the video link to my story on the tiff between the CBI Director and the AIRPF Association


Just when the Railgate controversy has reached its peak with the resignation of the Railway Minister Pawan Bansal, a new controversy has now erupted. This between the CBI Director Ranjit Sinha and US Jha, the General Secretary of the All India RPF Association.

The CBI had earlier sent a note to the Railway Board asking the Board to take action against US Jha and the RPF Association for unauthorisedly occupying government bungalows. The Bungalows in question are 208 A 1 and 208 C3 in Panchkuian Road and Bungalow no 2 in State Entry Road, Delhi. While the AIRPF claims that these are the Bungalows that were allotted to it by the Railway Ministry, the CBI in a statement said "a retired officer holding post of the All India Secretary General RPF (who had retired in 2010) was allegedly personally occuppying two government acomodations and was also in possession of one more accomodation allotted to AIRPF Association. CBI Had also conveyed this irregularity which is also in violation of the Delhi High Court Orders, to the Railway Board for necessary action as per rules".

The controversy reached its peak when the AIRPF General Secretary US Jha came to the fore and alleged on Times Now that he was being a victim of a witch hunt by the CBI Director. Jha went on to say that the CBI started hounding him after Jha had raised allegations of corruption against Ranjit Sinha when he was the DG, RPF which had resulted in Sinha's removal from the coveted post. Then the mudslinging continued between the two with the CBI issuing statement saying allegations of vendetta by the CBI Director was completely misplaced, incorrect and baseless and Jha going on record saying that the person (read CBI Director) involved in railgate should not be investigating railgate.

While both the AIRPF association and the CBI lock horns with each other and while the mudslinging and allegations of corruption and vendetta continues, the question we are asking is should the government not set up an independent inquiry into the railgate investigations?

by Prema Sridevi

Spenser lives on...

 (This sonnet by Edmund Spenser is an eternal one...One of my absolute favorites...)


My love is like to ice, and I to fire
How comes it then that this her cold so grate.
Is not dissolved through my so hot desire
But harder grows the more I her entreat?
Or how comes it that my exceeding heat
Is not delayed by her heart frozen cold
But that I burn much more in boiling sweat
And feel my flames augmented manifold?
                                                   What more miraculous thing may be told, 

                                                   That fire which all things melts should harden ice,
                                                   And ice which is congealed with senseless cold
                                                   Should kindle fire by wonderful device?
                                                   Such is the power of love in gentle mind
                                                   That it can alter all the course of kind.