Friday, 19 July 2013

President’s Secretariat spoofed?

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IB note indicates that espionage agents have extracted sensitive information

Thursday, July 18 2013 - Times Now is in possession of exclusive documents from the Intelligence Bureau dated July 9, 2013 which indicates that the President’s Secretariat has been spoofed by espionage agents from enemy countries. The documents, clearly raises an alarm, as it says that these espionage agents have been successful in extracting sensitive information by adopting spoofing techniques. 

Spoofing is a situation where a caller masquerades as someone else and falsely identifies himself and gains an illegitimate advantage over sensitive information. For instance, if a call is made by an ISI operative from Karachi to a Delhi number, sometimes even the number that is displayed on the caller id in Delhi would resemble a “Delhi-like” number.   

Earlier, Times Now had reported on an Intelligence communication between the IB to other agencies on how spoofing technique was used by an ISI agent in Pakistan immediately after the Dilsukhnagar blasts in Hyderabad. In that case, the spoofer – an ISI operative had identified himself as a Military Intelligence personnel from India and had spoken to the NSG officers on duty in Hyderabad and elicited sensitive information relating to the blasts from the Indian officers. Since that incident, several corrective measures were introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs as a counter measure to combat spoofing from espionage agents from neighbouring countries.  But the present incident of spoofing in the President’s Secretariat clearly indicates that effective systems are still not in place to fight spoofing. 

While the documents available with Times Now clearly indicates that some officials within the President’s Secretariat had given away sensitive information to espionage agents, the question is whether these officials have been identified and put to task. When Times Now approached the President’s Secretariat on the issue, we have been asked to get in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The question that still remains unanswered is to what extent has national security been compromised and whether corrective measures have been finally put in place.

by Prema Sridevi

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bodh Gaya blasts, probe begins

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(A news report from Bodhgaya, bihar)

Monday, July 8 2013

3 days on, agencies clueless on Bodhgaya serial blasts

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(Ground report from Bodhgaya, Bihar)

Tuesday, July 9 2013

Headley angle : Should government clarify now?

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Was Ishrat Jahan a terrorist? A question that even the CBI failed to answer in its 1500 page chargesheet, despite corroborating that the 19-year-old was killed in a fake encounter. An intelligence report of 2010 claimed terrorist David Headley named Ishrat in his interrogation but till date there has been no confirmation about Ishrat's alleged terror link, but theories are still afloat. And seeking to put an end to all the speculations, Congress Gen Secy Digvijaya Singh now wants MHA to clarify on the matter.  An IB note written to CBI in February early this year once again reiterated the mention of Ishrat's name in Headley's confession. However, the NIA never clearly corroborated the account. Nevertheless the BJP is quick to capitalise on the opportunity & build their defense around Ishrat's alleged terror link, even accusing the NIA of tampering with its initial report on the case.   The Congress on its part, unwilling to let the opposition digress from the prime concern, the involvement of the top political bosses in the cold blooded killing of 4 people. But is it merely a political move, even the CBI is unwilling to give a clearer picture. As the wait for the official version continues, the political fight intensifies. Isn't it time for the government to end this secrecy once and for all?

Now DM promises help for 60 isolated villages

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After Times Now exposed the plight of thousands of villagers from over 60 villages who were completely cut off from the mainland, the District magistrate of Uttarkashi now promises to help. The villagers now ask where were these authorities when people here were dying out of want of basic amenities.

60 villages cut off from the mainland

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(A ground report from Uttarkhand)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Times Now trekked for over 5 hours to reach a stretch of 60 villages of Uttarkashi which has been completely cut off from the mainland following the floods. In these 60 villages, thousands of people are stranded in their own homes with no means to reach the main land as the roads that connect their villages to Uttarkashi town has been completely destroyed. 

We trekked for hours to reach the Nethala and Ganeshpur villages where we saw people who complained that there was absolutely no electricity or safe drinking water or ration in their homes. Villagers say that while the  Centre and the State agencies were trying to rescue stranded people in different parts of Uttarakhand, the government seems to have completely forgotten the plight of the villagers in these 60 villages who since the last 2 weeks have been prisoners in their own homes.

Several people told Times Now that many of the villagers lost their lives as they couldn’t reach the hospital in Uttarkashi town, the most recent being an incident where a pregnant woman lost her life following complications as she could not be taken to the nearest hospital in the Uttarkashi town. While the authorities have promised that they will airdrop food and water and will do their best to restore electricity and build roads, the villagers here say that help is far from coming. 

by Prema Sridevi

The unsung young bravehearts of Uttarkashi

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Sunday, June 30 2013  A group of trained men and women reached the flood ravaged parts of Uttarkashi and Harsil -- much before the rescue forces. These local heroes managed to save as many as 6,500 lives when they swung into action and reached the 100 km stretch between Harsil and Uttarkashi. Rekha Aghnihotri, said, "I have saved so many people, senior citizens, young children, people with broken legs, we took them up step by step."

The hanging houses of Joshiyara

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Saturday, 29 June 2013
The flood that ravaged Uttarakhand had its devastating impact in Joshiyara in Uttarkashi. With over a 100 houses being washed away, the villagers fear that in the days to come even the rest of the houses in their villagers will be wiped out and the authorities will continue to remain a mute spectator.Several houses in joshiyara are today hanging between the ground and the waters clearly resembling a disaster in waiting. Villagers say that they had foreseen this situation and had asked the District authorities to formulate a plan well in advance but the authorities it seems turned their deaf ears on the villagers plea. 

by Prema Sridevi