60 villages cut off from the mainland

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(A ground report from Uttarkhand)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Times Now trekked for over 5 hours to reach a stretch of 60 villages of Uttarkashi which has been completely cut off from the mainland following the floods. In these 60 villages, thousands of people are stranded in their own homes with no means to reach the main land as the roads that connect their villages to Uttarkashi town has been completely destroyed. 

We trekked for hours to reach the Nethala and Ganeshpur villages where we saw people who complained that there was absolutely no electricity or safe drinking water or ration in their homes. Villagers say that while the  Centre and the State agencies were trying to rescue stranded people in different parts of Uttarakhand, the government seems to have completely forgotten the plight of the villagers in these 60 villages who since the last 2 weeks have been prisoners in their own homes.

Several people told Times Now that many of the villagers lost their lives as they couldn’t reach the hospital in Uttarkashi town, the most recent being an incident where a pregnant woman lost her life following complications as she could not be taken to the nearest hospital in the Uttarkashi town. While the authorities have promised that they will airdrop food and water and will do their best to restore electricity and build roads, the villagers here say that help is far from coming. 

by Prema Sridevi


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