SIT report contradicts the CBI’s stand on Ishrat

June 14 2013 - The Ishrat Jahan case is only becoming murkier day by day. While the CBI has maintained that Ishrat Jahan and the 3 other people killed along with her were not terrorists, the SIT report on the case has a different story to tell. The SIT report concurs with the IB’s stand on the controversial case that all the 4 people killed were terrorists. 

The SIT report says that Ishrat had travelled with Javed to Lucknow and Ibrahimpur in UP and had also visited Ahmedabad and that she may have understood that Javed was engaged in illegal activities involving smuggling and counterfeit currency. The report talks about Headley’s interrogation by the FBI that had revealed that Ishrat was part of a terror network. 

In the case of Javed @ Pranesh Gopinath Pillai, the SIT report states that he had a criminal past and he was involved with Amjad Ali in some illegal activities and had tried to obtain illegal firearms in UP.  The report goes on to say that he may have had links to terrorist outfits and that he also possessed a satellite phone and some unexplained money. 

When it comes to Amjad ali, the SIT report says that his connection with some terrorist outfits appears to be on sound grounds in the investigation conducted so far.  In the case of Jishan Johar the report mentions that he was identified based on a fake id card issued from Udhampur in J&K in the name of Abdul Gani and that he might have also been associated with some terrorist organization. 

The SIT in its report also says that further investigation needs to be conducted to understand the exact nature of the terror links of the 4 persons. The IB on the other hand is banking on David Headley’s confession to the FBI and the SIT report’s revelations to counter the CBI’s claim that the 4 persons killed were not terrorists but victims of a brutal attack on them. 

by Prema Sridevi 


  1. Actual phone conversation of LeT commander Muzamil & sharp shooter Abdul Gani reveals plot to kill the CM.

    Abdul Gani was killed in Ishrat Jahan encounter. On tape he can be heard speaking to Lashkar Commander who wants CM killed.

    So what's wrong in killing a terrorist ? Why calling it as FAKE encounter !!!


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